The IV League & IV League Studios

(Est. 2009)

 The IV League

The IV League spawns generations of urban artists who reside in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

Founded by Dj IV, the award winning stage & studio Dj for Classified, the movement of a new breed of emerging artists who will for years to come show & prove they are a force not to be misjudged or slept on.

MCs Quake, Miracle, Jay Mayne, AL Boogie, Ghettochild, Universal Soul & J-Bru round out the initial roster of lyrical geniuses among The IV League, Dj/Producers Matty Boh & IV supply the support for the music in the studio and on stage.

This conglomerate of artists who have a strong bond with the culture they share interest in, you will witness grow into a name you will always remember... The IV League.


IV League Studios

*Currently Not Taking Bookings Due to Touring*

A Fully Functional Audio Recording Studio based in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada including Award Winning Dj Services, CD Duplication, Production, Vocal & Instrument Recording


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